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Recurring vicious cycle: Cleaning out my handbag every week in a swift 10 minutes, scrunching up and tossing all the receipts I have accumulated in a week (how is there still so many when I have been buying less lately? The laws of physics truly baffle me.) Putting all of my loose makeup and change back into their separate little pouches they’re supposed to call home. Untangling my headphones, winding them up neatly and putting them back in their little polkadot change purse.

Result – My handbag is now streamlined and organised, ready for the future challenges it will face! Hoorah!

Flash forward to another week though, and the same gloomy unorganised fate has been thrust upon my makeup, change and headphones, and receipts are piling up once again.

You know those little columns in US Weekly – “What’s in celebrities’ handbags?” I have always loved seeing the pretty (and some ugly) designer purses that belong to A, B C and D-listers that are featured in there every week. I also ashamedly like to check out what beauty products they are using, how much they cost, and where I can get my hands on some if they are cost-effective and have good ratings.

More fascinating yet is how they choose to organise all their beauty and other products, and if they too have random crap in there as well (a sign that they are actually in fact human as well.)

My favourite in the column (of course) has been Gwen Stefani’s purse (along with being my fave celeb and one of my favourite style inspiration of all time, Gwenny doesn’t disappoint with her LAMB designs and accessories included in her bag.)


Gwen’s handbag – stylish Lamb tote, (NEED!) cuteness galore Harajuku Girls accessories and cosmetic bags, perfume and even some of her kids’ toys (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, aka my childhood.)


Ciara’s Givenchy tote which has some pretty random stuff as well


Jennifer Morrison Anna Sui for Coach handbag (I have long been a lover for Anna Sui’s obscure hippyness)


  Rachel Leigh Cook’s Liebeskind handbag – mainly receipts, lipsticks etc etc


Kyle Richard’s Valentino purse (I need more Valentino purses in my life.) Iphone, Spongebob Squarepants bandaids, beauty cream


Elisha Cuthbert’s Coach purse – sunnies, wallet, all the usual trappings in a purse

Inspired by these handbags, I organised my orange Tory Burch tote and pared down the random crap in there (also adding a few accessories that I tend to include in bigger bags as well.)

Here’s a little something I prepared earlier:



Tory Burch Orange Tote



Watermelon pouch, $1 AUD, Japanmart, holding car + house keys

Sunnies, $10 AUD, Ebay

Cotton On Purple Sunglasses Case, $5 AUD, Rubi

White and red polkadot pouch holding Iphone earphones, $1AUD, Ebay.COM

Pink owl pencil case, $3 AUD, Officeworks – holding the essentials I need to not look like a zombie from the Walking Dead – red lipstick (a cheapy $2 AUD from Giant Chemist but still just as good, if not a little dry; and Designer Brands concealer for my eye suitcases – $8 AUD)

Pink glitter heart coin pouch, $5 AUD, Cotton On

Hermes card holder, had for a while

Dolce & Gabbana wallet, had for a while

Barbie folding travel hair brush, $5 AUD from eons ago

Extra Strap for handbag if need be (but never used)


Forever New Ipad Case, $15 AUD, Forever New

Rilakkuma Iphone Case – so awesome, cute, soft and cuddly, but usually sadly gets lost in my handbag as it’s quite bulky around my iPhone! $15 AUD, Ebay.com


My shopping tote (Disney and eco-friendly!) A Christmas 2013 present from my brother who purchased it from Disneyland Parks in Paris!


What’s in your bag?

Do you always get random crap pile up in your bag?

What are your top essential items you can’t live without in your bag?

What brand are your purse and wallet?

Leave a comment below.