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Ah, blogging. I really do love you. It’s a beautiful escape from my day to day life, a place where all the pretty shiny things in my closet and head can become one on this page.

But sadly, I have begun to neglect you. I’m sorry. Sometimes, when I get home from work I say to myself “just one blog, it will only take 20 minutes. Then you can relax and watch the crazy Love and Carla have at it in Mob Wives Season 3.” But, despite my best intentions, I end up watching Mob Wives post-less; and only blog a few posts (to catch up) every 2-3 days.

I look at other blogs who blog daily and am in awe. They must love it more than me, have more thoughts/fashion/resources and to put on there than me, and resources to make daily blogging happen (i.e. the $$$ baby.) So, I have made it a vow to try to force myself to be more creative, mix and match more outfits and blog a bit more often (maybe even daily, if I don’t run out of outfits/ideas/inspiration to blog!)

Anyway, back to the point of this belated post – to show my purchases from last week.

Dedicated to saving $$ for a trip later on in the year, I am only allowed to spend on items either pre-owned (from thrift stores) or true true wants that I have thought about for a few days and are reasonable in price.

Last weeks purchases, although not second-hand, were indeed reasonable and things I’ll get a lot of leverage out of in the future:


Dior Beaute cosmetic bag (which will be used as a clutch,)
$50AUD, Ebay.com
Gold and silver chunky snake collar necklaces,
$2AUD each, Ebay.com

Adding to my Dior obsession is this grey quilted Dior Beaute cosmetic bag (which I will use as a clutch for dinners out,) bought for $50 AUD on Ebay. I have watched it for a while and thought it will just get ruined with my makeup, so why not stick a phone, credit card and makeup in it for a night on the town?

New jewellery additions = these gold and silver chunky snake necklaces, total cost = $4 AUD from Ebay once again. In dire need of new jewellery (because actually, I don’t have a lot and am sick of all of mine) these will top up any outfit for a low low cost per wear.


Awesome yellow cat-print blouse,
$12.98AUD, Ebay.com

My favourite purchase for a long time has been this amazing, slightly garish yellow cat print blouse. My love for cats, prints, chiffon and yellow brights all together in one! A bargain steal for $12.98 from Ebay.com, this will be on me with a black leather skirt on a night out in the unforeseen future.


Black turban
$1.95AUD, Ebay.com
(Finally have the courage to rock one of these when I go to a wedding next)

Fashion risk of the week = this black turban (not really risky at only $1.95 AUD from where else but Ebay. A long admirer of the turban look spotted on the likes of Kourtney Kardashian, I was wary of it because I thought I had no place to wear it. But, with a friend’s wedding the husby and I are attending in May, I figure this will look major on top of loose curls, worn with my favourite dress ever, a vintage Marni Skillings gold metallic maxi dress. (Pics to come in May on this blog!) Anyone who doesn’t like it should just get over themselves.

Now I want every colour – blue, red, white and pink. At only $1.95, I’m sure I will purchase some more in the future.

Okay, so a lot of my purchases come from Ebay, you have noticed throughout this blog. That’s because at a quarter of the price of normal stores, the online mecca is my go-to for discounted real designer goods, and bargain clothes from overseas, where nobody else in Australia will own them.

I’m also (believe it or not) sometimes not much of an in-brick-store shopper. (Apart from thrift shopping, which I love.) Sometimes, I’ve noticed as I get older too, I don’t have the patience for it and really have to be in the mood to browse through racks all day. When I get home from work, I can browse unique finds at my own pace on the couch while watching Mob Wives for a fraction of the price, all delivered to me, and it’s pretty awesome. My love for online shopping takes precedence and may never die.


Okay, so it could have been less, but I need some enjoyment in my life! I think getting a few cheaper options on Ebay to update my wardrobe was the smart way to go to have a little fun while saving some moolah.


I think another cool $300 AUD into my savings account is a pretty good effort this week. Hello future travels, you are coming closer!

How much do you usually spend on fashion/beauty finds each week?

Do you have a set budget for your buys? If so, how much is it usually for?

Do you ever go over this budget? How much usually by?

What did you buy last week?

Leave us some deets in the comments below.