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I had a wonderful Valentine’s day. Smashing even, if you will.

So yeah, Vday’s over; I know. But lately I have been working so hard for the money (so hard for it honey) that I haven’t had the time to keep updating as much as I need to on this delightful blog. (Why are you so demanding, blogging?)

Anyway, back to my Vday play by play.

In the morning I was greeted by my lovely husband who is a really nice fellow. A really nice fellow with good taste too, I might add. He gave me the best surprise ever when I opened up a gift he had picked out himself (albeit for me *hinting* at it about a year ago when we were in a massive Australian department store, think our version of Nordstrom’s, called David Jones one day.)

And it was….

IMG_4588 IMG_4576


Seriously dude, can it get any better? All my favourite things in one, ostrich, Marc Jacobs and pink. And you can convert it to a shoulder bag with the strap and also a clutch.

I thanked Craig profusely for this gift and gave him his in return. His gift? Since he is notoriously hard to buy for, un-materialistic (opposites do indeed attract) and not into fashion, was some casual shirts from Jay Jays, and his favourite AFL (Australian Football League) team’s – Geelong- playing cards, to take him back to his 12 year old playing-card collecting days.


Great little wrapping and taping job of his present (done last minute!)


Virtual Valentines card posted on Facebook to Craig


One of Craig’s gifts – Geelong AFL football team playing cards

I thought it was a pretty unimpressive gift, but he was impressed with my thoughtfullness at acknowledging his football obsession. I have been to a few games and enjoy watching football more in person, but on the TV I do nag him to change the channel. So this made the gift all the more good in his eyes.

Our beloved cat, Barbie even got some Valentine’s love. (She is after all my one true love.) I bought her this totally creepy puppet toy from The Reject Store for $3 AUD, a discount Australian store (below Walmart, I think.) My childhood cat that lives with my parents, Richie never really played with toys, only one teddy bear he used to bite when he was younger and bottle cap rings and boxes. Barbie on the other hand actually plays with toys and was entertained for hours with this one, as you can see below.


Barbie action-shot- playing with her new puppet-toy

 IMG_4581     IMG_4579 IMG_4582

To top the night off, for the first time in years, we decided to go on a romantic date to a fancy expensive restaurant called Fenton’s in Ipswich, Australia.

I kept up my thrifty ways by shopping my closet to find a nice festive pink dress and red spiked heels which I hadn’t even worn.

This pink heart-print dress is by Target and was actually found in the juniors section (shhh.) Another one of my secrets for cheaper clothing and great styles is to shop the juniors section where you can find quirky, cute prints and styles and save a lot of $$!


Pink heart-print dress, $20 AUD

At only $20 AUD, I thought it was a steal and must have bought it by osmosis on the subconscious knowledge that it would be perfect in 2 years time for such a special occasion as this. (My thought patterns sometimes, make sense.)

I paired it with my $20 AUD red spike heels (which look comfy but looks can be deceiving,) bought eons ago on Ebay. I have one real pair of pink Christian Louboutins which have been sadly lost in our move (why couldn’t I have lost something less valuable???) I have always wanted his red spike or red stud heels but alas, can’t afford at the moment. So I thought these puppies were a good option to get the look for less.


Red spike heels, $20 AUD

IMG_4611 IMG_4610


The new Marc Jacobs!

I also grabbed my $2 AUD each gold glitter cuffs, bought on Ebay to add some glitz to the outfit. These are made in the style of Dorothy Perkins cuffs and Armani Exchange. Not bad for some designer look bling!


Gold glitter cuffs, bought in every style by me (as they are the same style as Armani Exchange and Dorothy Perkins)
$2 AUD each,


Betsey Johnson oversized red heart ring, $25 AUD

My much-loved but never worn red heart Betsey Johnson ring, bought for $25 AUD from the States on Ebay years ago was also finally used. Although never worn, the centre heart had actually come unglued and dropped when I tried it on after purchasing. Heartbroken for a second, my Dad quickly fixed it with some super glue as all handy Dads do, and it was good as new save for a few noticeable cracks. Oh well, just a reminder of my Dad! (I have long been obsessed with Betsey Johnson and her jewellery as well as everything else. I have a lot of her jewellery and none of it has come apart either thankfully!)

My earrings, although I forgot to take a pic (sad face) were also Betsey Johnson handbag and dress dangle earrings. I will add a pic in later!

TOTAL OUTFIT COST (excluding the lovely Marc Jacobs handbag) = $70 AUD

Fenton’s is actually the only nice restaurant Ipswich (where we live,) has to offer, and it was amazing. I didn’t even know it existed! We will have to save it for future special occasions though as with my thrifty ways I’m not too keen on spending heaps on restaurants *all the time*. (I’d rather clothes, then whinge to Craig about why I don’t have anywhere to go out and wear them …. it is a vicious cycle that I acknowledge and accept.)

We enjoyed Fenton’s great food with a candlelit dinner and some wine while chatting about our usual topics, reality TV – including Mob Wives and the Real Housewives of everything; work, and ridiculous small-talk.  Our seats were outside in a dimmed alleyway (doesn’t sound great does it but it was very nice.)


Romantic night out


Craig no-likey photos at dinner or anywhere very much!



Zooey, my girl crush wearing a Rachel Antonoff Zooey Heart Dress ($396 AUD) on SNL. Zooey can do no wrong, which is why this cute dress was named after her! Who else can don a quirky heart print as well as her?

How was your Valentines day?

What did you do?

What gifts did you give/receive?

What are some thrifty Vday tips you have?

Are you a fan of heart-print?

Please leave some more comment love below.



One of the best (and heartbreaking) Simpsons episodes ever created: when Lisa declines Ralph’s sweet “I Choo-Choo-Choose You” Valentines Day Card.

Now I know you wouldn’t be so heartless as Lisa originally was to Ralph to your secret admirer/or others this Valentines Day, you sensitive soul you!

The day that is either hate/love for most, V Day gets either really out-of-proportion or shut down altogether.

Do you go all out for your Valentine’s Day, spending major dough on an amazing gift and dinner out? Or do you prefer a more laidback low-key VDay, full of more thrift and thought?

Either way you roll, lovely possibilities of Valentines Day gifts (big and small) have been compiled here in a neat little bow for you so you can tailor it to your VDay needs:





£189.00 JBWatches

Polished and a little bit different with its standout royal blue face, this is the watch I would definitely buy my husband if he were more of a watch-wearer. (He barely wanted to wear his wedding ring because he’s a no-frills-or-watches kinda simpleton guy.)


Calvin Klein  Purple Patterned Silk Slim Tie $39.95, The Mens Shop

This Calvin Klein tie is an unexpected tie gift with its deep purple shade and pattern. Even though he may not purchase it for himself in real life, he will secretly appreciate the push to colour you give him with this tie. (Expertise = from buying my husband salmon and pink business shirts, coloured ties galore to get him out of his black white and navy-wearing self. Although he says he would never buy it personally, he loves all the colour I bring to his life and rewears his gifts constantly!)


My fave: Concert Tickets to his favourite band

Who says you have to use your Valentines Day gift straight away? Why not give the gift of an awesome concert experience on Valentines Day and wait a little bit?

For a headliner such as Queens Of the Stone Age and Nine Inch Nails in Brisbane, he will love this present.




Magnetic bottle opener, shaped in different sports balls such as golf and soccer = genius in a guy’s eyes. Likely to be a big smash at home football events; everyone will thank you whenever they open their drinks with novel ease.

$9.95 AUD, Getprice






POA, Dior

Look at Marion Cottilard slay with this beautiful, ombre gradiated from yellow to orange Dior Lady handbag I have been lusting after ever since my eyes first saw its glory. Okay, so this present may break your Valentines piggy bank 4560 times over (and slightly more,) but it is worth every penny.



Oh how I lust after you, Tarina Tarantino Crystal Pave heart necklaces. With a myriad of pretty colours to choose from such as pink, purple, blue, green and every other colour under the sun, one day these will all be mine.

(The rainbow one above is a hint to get started, dear husband!)

$150 USD, TarinaTarantino



She will be thanking you for this adorable Moschino heart and chain print scarf, guaranteed to be a winner cherry-topper to every outfit. $180 USD, Farfetch




$13.76 AUD



This cute little vintage heart photo frame holder is the kind my mum used to have in the 70’s. This would look so cute on a dressing or vanity table with photos of you lovebirds adorning it.



These Candy Heart Earrings by Betsey Johnson, $30 AUD, Amazon.com = the cutest thing ever.

Betsey and her craziness always fares well in designing her cute, girly, quirky and romantic pieces.


Unknown-18Unknown-19Unknown-27 Unknown-28 Unknown-29

-Rent out/buy his favourite movies and have a movie night of all the action movies you actually love as well (you can also have a night full of your choices next time – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The First Wives Club anyone?)


– Tear up paper into strips and on each piece write memories that you have shared together – the sillier or smaller, the better. This is a nice idea to save money and also give a really thoughtful gift that shows how much you do care/how many memories you still treasure.


-Put together his “favourite things” basket for him/her – grab their favourite treats such as chocolate, snacks, drinks (a few beers, some wine) sports memorabilia or girly things (i.e. keychain of his favourite team or some jewellery.) Use a basket, bowl or box you already have in the house and wrap with clear cellophane with a red bow to give a DIY thrifty and thoughtful Valentine’s gift.


Recurring vicious cycle: Cleaning out my handbag every week in a swift 10 minutes, scrunching up and tossing all the receipts I have accumulated in a week (how is there still so many when I have been buying less lately? The laws of physics truly baffle me.) Putting all of my loose makeup and change back into their separate little pouches they’re supposed to call home. Untangling my headphones, winding them up neatly and putting them back in their little polkadot change purse.

Result – My handbag is now streamlined and organised, ready for the future challenges it will face! Hoorah!

Flash forward to another week though, and the same gloomy unorganised fate has been thrust upon my makeup, change and headphones, and receipts are piling up once again.

You know those little columns in US Weekly – “What’s in celebrities’ handbags?” I have always loved seeing the pretty (and some ugly) designer purses that belong to A, B C and D-listers that are featured in there every week. I also ashamedly like to check out what beauty products they are using, how much they cost, and where I can get my hands on some if they are cost-effective and have good ratings.

More fascinating yet is how they choose to organise all their beauty and other products, and if they too have random crap in there as well (a sign that they are actually in fact human as well.)

My favourite in the column (of course) has been Gwen Stefani’s purse (along with being my fave celeb and one of my favourite style inspiration of all time, Gwenny doesn’t disappoint with her LAMB designs and accessories included in her bag.)


Gwen’s handbag – stylish Lamb tote, (NEED!) cuteness galore Harajuku Girls accessories and cosmetic bags, perfume and even some of her kids’ toys (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, aka my childhood.)


Ciara’s Givenchy tote which has some pretty random stuff as well


Jennifer Morrison Anna Sui for Coach handbag (I have long been a lover for Anna Sui’s obscure hippyness)


  Rachel Leigh Cook’s Liebeskind handbag – mainly receipts, lipsticks etc etc


Kyle Richard’s Valentino purse (I need more Valentino purses in my life.) Iphone, Spongebob Squarepants bandaids, beauty cream


Elisha Cuthbert’s Coach purse – sunnies, wallet, all the usual trappings in a purse

Inspired by these handbags, I organised my orange Tory Burch tote and pared down the random crap in there (also adding a few accessories that I tend to include in bigger bags as well.)

Here’s a little something I prepared earlier:



Tory Burch Orange Tote



Watermelon pouch, $1 AUD, Japanmart, holding car + house keys

Sunnies, $10 AUD, Ebay

Cotton On Purple Sunglasses Case, $5 AUD, Rubi

White and red polkadot pouch holding Iphone earphones, $1AUD, Ebay.COM

Pink owl pencil case, $3 AUD, Officeworks – holding the essentials I need to not look like a zombie from the Walking Dead – red lipstick (a cheapy $2 AUD from Giant Chemist but still just as good, if not a little dry; and Designer Brands concealer for my eye suitcases – $8 AUD)

Pink glitter heart coin pouch, $5 AUD, Cotton On

Hermes card holder, had for a while

Dolce & Gabbana wallet, had for a while

Barbie folding travel hair brush, $5 AUD from eons ago

Extra Strap for handbag if need be (but never used)


Forever New Ipad Case, $15 AUD, Forever New

Rilakkuma Iphone Case – so awesome, cute, soft and cuddly, but usually sadly gets lost in my handbag as it’s quite bulky around my iPhone! $15 AUD, Ebay.com


My shopping tote (Disney and eco-friendly!) A Christmas 2013 present from my brother who purchased it from Disneyland Parks in Paris!


What’s in your bag?

Do you always get random crap pile up in your bag?

What are your top essential items you can’t live without in your bag?

What brand are your purse and wallet?

Leave a comment below.