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I have a lot of polka dots, probably one in every colour, but there are still so many variations and other colours to be enjoyed too.

More no-spend-$$-at-all days have been introduced into my saving-more life lately. This means further digging into the closet to make use of previous items not worn at all, or worn too much. And then mixing and matching with what I already have (which kind of frequently pops up on this kind of economy-style blog.)

So anyhow, I grabbed this grey mix polka dot and floral print chiffon top bought for $5AUD on sale back in the day from a small boutique on the Gold Coast (my hometown), Queensland Australia. Oh Gold Coast, with your sunny breezy weather, great beaches, nightlife and restaurants and actually stuff to do compared to my new small-town with no restaurants/beach etc etc….


how I miss you so.




Location dreams and crises aside, I quickly mustered the acceptance that my new life is getting started in this small town to pave way for greater, bigger things in the future; and finished dressing myself. I furthermore grabbed my go-to red summer shorts, bought for $10AUD from a cheap department store called Big W here, (kind of like a cheaper Target) owned by the grocery chain Woolworths. They really have surprisingly good basics that nobody would know it ever came from there!

My new $10 AUD quilted pleather camel sneakers paired off the casual Thursday look, are so comfy and look like designer ones for a fraction of the price!



I had gone shopping with my best friend Ally, my spiritual also lover-of-pop-culture and style friend (who has a music/popculture blog you should check out here at allisonheap.wordpress.com) about a year ago on the GC at one of our favourite Australian stores, Sportsgirl. The store has been going strong since the 80’s with my mum shopping there when she was younger (and she still does from time to time.) This is the it place for fashion, shoes, accessories and even beauty in Australia.

On our trip, I picked up a few sale items on their jewellery rack (Sportsgirl has THE best sale items racks, particularly the jewel part.) One of them was this cute blue and yellow with rhinestones little glam necklace, bought for $7.95AUD. I had saved it for an upcoming event but changed my mind and wore some chunkier jewels. This is the perfect piece to dress up an every-day cas outfit with a little glam though, don’t you think?


I was also so pumped 2 days ago when I received my Chanel eyeglasses frames I had ordered from London in the mail for a steal at $160 AUD! I had been waiting for Chanel frames (an update from my dark brown stoic Wayne Coopers) for a very long time and decided on these tweed purple frames with quilting and the Chanel logo on the sides. These babies will never be taken off of me.

IMG_4560IMG_4562 IMG_4564 IMG_4565 IMG_4566 IMG_4568 IMG_4567 IMG_4569

I got a bit too snap-happy. I blame the power of Chanel.

TOTAL OUTFIT COST (excluding Chanel frames) = $32.95 AUD

TOTAL OUTFIT COST (including Chanel frames) = $192.95 *Still not that bad, right???* <— What I will undoubtedly tell my husband who is not quite so into fashion, accessories and shiny things.



Cher Lloyd wearing polka dots + shorts, a winning combination of any colour and style.



Drew rocking some awesome laid-back camel sneakers. She can pull off anything.

For some more laidback polka outfit inspiration, check out the fashion finds below:



Hot pants
$24 – chiarafashion.co.uk

High top shoes

ALPHABET BAGS white purse
$21 – allsole.com

Arden B necklace

Chanel eyeglass
$500 – liberty.co.uk

Do you wear sneakers all the time?

What do you pair them with?

Do you mix them up with more feminine pieces like polka dots to take the edge off?

Any other tips for styling sneakers with an outfit?

Please leave a comment below.


 White: although it is always a staple in the wardrobe, too much white furniture for me becomes totally boring. I need colour in my life!
Looking for a new colourful dresser to introduce some boldness into my bedroom furniture, I came across designer ones online for $2000 AUD plus. Although this would be fabulous to purchase and I could totally see myself doing this in the future, for a newly married couple starting out with basic furniture and saving for a trip to Thailand later on this year; it sadly isn’t really an option at the moment.
So I bided my time, waiting to know what to do to my plain white basic dresser bought from a furniture warehouse for $150 AUD when we first moved. (Also our first time moving away from home with our own place in a different city – cue the excitement and then panic!)
Then, as I was wrapping up a baby gift of cute bibs bought for a friend with horizontal striped gender-neutral candy block colours, I came to the conclusion that I should simply glue the wrapping paper oN to make my own cost-effective candy striped dresser!
Candified results are below:
Candy dresser front view
Side view

Full-frontal candy drawers.

Full-frontal candy drawers.

Dresser accessories:

Shh Lips Ikea Painting, $40 AUD

Mirror jewellery box, $20 AUD, Target

Samantha Wills jewellery boxes, free with jewellery purchase

Harajuku Girls painting, DIY

Good fortune waving cat (I think it’s been working lately!) $20 AUD, Asian supermarket

Bird bottle and vial, $20 together, bought on a mini-honeymoon to Noosa, New South Wales Australia

Wizard of Oz postcard, vintage

Jonathan Adler, quirky and bold interior designer
who originally started as a potter and went into his calling of
designing rooms and furniture for colour lovers.
A place where I need to live.neon-jonathan-adler-3-barbie-dream-house.jpg?w=640
Yes, Jonathan Adler has designer a Barbie Dream House.
No words can describe the sheer awesomeness, right?
Yellow and grey stripe bed cover with grey backdrops
Quirky prints like this storage ottoman make standout accessories
I am in dire need of this as my dining room right now!
From New Jersey, Jonathan Adler has always boldly captivated the imagination and possibilities of a room. His “more is more” approach is something I have always been drawn to, so when I stumbled upon his book “Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors in the library while rummaging for interior design ideas, I felt a kindred spirit. His rooms, although my husband thinks have “a little too much going on, you don’t know where to look” are always in my book, perfection.
He also loves a good candy stripe!
The master of prints, and mixing and matching bold colours with prints through accessories, furniture and paintings, his rooms are always unique, eclectic and definitely not for the faint of heart, or minimalist. Having a successful boutique selling accessories and furniture, Jonathan Adler is a standout interior designer. I could look at his rooms all day!
For the more high-end candy dresser look, here are the more luxe versions:

Crystal glass lamp

Circo non skid rug

Wooden dresser
$1,555 – outthereinteriors.com

Smashbox lip shine

LeSportsac zip top

Seletti Trip Weekly 7 Drawer Storage Container
$1,680 – design55online.co.uk
Any cheap DIY decorating tips?
Are you a fan of Jonathan Adler’s designs and bold, bright colours in your home?
Please leave some happy, colourful comments below!

Leopard and Spots: The Clash Part 2


At a friend’s engagement party on the weekend, I wasn’t sure what to wear; so I decided to just raid my closet once again (thrift points!) , break some rules and go for it on the top and bottom AT THE SAME TIME.
Because who says you have to only wear one print at a time?
 I finally sported my Iron Fist Love Lolita Leopard bootie heels, which I fell madly in love with at first sight. At $100 AUD on Ebay from Cali, they were a little steep but my love for the Iron Fist label prevailed and I gave in to the urge to splurge. Alas, despite my best intentions, there they sadly sat in my closet for months and months, just begging to be played with. There in my second closet (what girl doesn’t have two closets? I ask my husband repeatedly,) I grabbed them, then quickly grabbed the mixed print dress bought for $15 AUD (also on trusty Ebay) from Korea, and said what the heck – that’ll do love. 


Ebay.com.au dress and Iron Fist Love Lolita Heels, Ebay.com.au


Leopard and spots: My love of the outlandish

Along with the shoes, my fave part was my gold diamonte ear cuff from guess where (Ebay!) I have coveted one since even before I saw Jennifer Lawrence sport one at a red carpet event for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I first saw these babies online, thought they were a bit much (even for me? I don’t think I was quite thinking right that day) but saw J-Law pull them off with aplomb and had to get one to try it for myself. Along with my killer shoes (which almost bruised my feet at the end of the night –  the true price tag of stilettos) my ear cuff got a lot of compliments. My husband said it looked like a seahorse, but a really cool one. Which I’ll take hehe.

Gold diamante ear cuff, $4AUD, Ebay.com.au
For ideas on clashing leopard, spots, and basically any other print have a peek at the fabulously clashy finds below: 
                                                                          JLaw in cuff ferocity
Leopard Clash

Jerome C. Rousseau short boots

Swarovski crystal jewellery

CC crystal earrings

Matte lipstick

Have you clashed prints at the last minute trying to grab an outfit? Any tips for reinventing outfits please leave below.



Total Christmas floral outfit cost = $25 AUD
(Excluding makeup, YSL clutch and Chanel earrings)

Thrifty Christmas OutfitTotal cost= $25 AUD
(excluding YSL clutch)

A summer Christmas in sunny Queensland, Australia begs for a little summer dress. Going through the massive amount of floral dresses in my closet looking for a dress, I was not impressed with my selection as I was so utterly bored with all of them. Finally, at the back of my closet, I  found this vintage floral purple number I got from an op shop (Australian term for Goodwill) with tags still intact back in the day that, from what I can recall, cost $5 AUD.

Paired with a $5 AUD floral Marni-style necklace from Diva (also Circa 2003-ish,) and pink Mooloola wedges from City Beach (new for $10 AUD) it became a colourful fun little summer Christmas outfit (which was also light on my wallet.) This came in handy because after shelling out the benjamins on Xmas presents, I didn’t want to buy a dress that cost an arm and a leg. Throw in a YSL clutch (which was a bit pricey – I’m allowed one thing,) a gold cuff, a bun and some red lippy and I was good to go off to Grandma’s and to other family visits.

Below are some  similarly girly fashion finds that may or may not break your budget (but are totally worth it)

Thrifty Christmas OutfitTotal cost= $25 AUD
(excluding YSL clutch)


Purple pleated dress
$8.16 – missrebel.co.uk

Valentino wedge espadrille

Yves Saint Laurent leather purse
$1,135 – harrods.com

Have any thrifty outfit tips of your own? Share these in the comments below along with any of your favourite vintage op shop finds.