Remember that old saying “a stitch in time saves nine?”

Trying to rein in my blatant consumerism lately in order to save for a holiday, (as mentioned here before as this goal it is the only thing keeping me sane in a quiet no-cultured town way away from friends and family) the time had come to go through my “to repair” wardrobe pile, and salvage what was salvageable.

I had always loved this comfortable white floral gypsy dress bought from my favourite hippy galore store Tree Of Life a few years ago. (On sale for $20 AUD!) Even though I hardly ever wore it, one of the straps had mysteriously broken anyway.

With a little bit of spare time I had up my sleeve, it was time to give the dress a new lease on life and actually mend the strap. Total cost = free and total time = 1 minute.

Broken strap


Sewing Intervention


Good as new!




The dress was worn to run a few errands on a Wednesday afternoon, and I actually felt quite pulled together for once at the grocery store. This was a nice feeling compared to my usual (ashamedly) trackpants-wearing grocery-getting self.

I added these espadrilles scored for $2 AUD from a factory outlet a few years ago, which are also comfy as and looked more chic than Havaianas (I wish I knew how to quit you, Havis!)

My go-to Collette Dinnigan hessian tote ($12.95 AUD with this month’s issue of In Style Australia Magazine) finished the laid-back look.


Looking Omen like? Apparently so
Collette Dinnigan “Take me to the ocean” tote
Free with In Style Australia Magazine


Eva Mendes
Okay so this dress is a little bit different to mine, but the comfy hippy cottonness and floral idea remains similar

For more ideas on hippy floral dresses, check out the sweet looks below.

Do you mend or alter your clothes to give them a new lease on life?

Any customisation tips to create a whole new look?

Leave a comment below, you know you want to.

Floral dresses + Espadrilles


This is a post about a cat named Barbie.

“Why is there a post about a cat named Barbie on this blog?” You ask.

Because I had to dedicate a post to my awesome kitten (now almost cat) who from time to time when I lay out a few options for outfits on my bed, puts her paw/sits on the one she thinks I should wear.

Barbie has the same interests as myself- she loves the finer things in life, all that is sparkly, and fashiony. She loves to play with my jewellery and watches me hand-make jewellery. She also loves The Real Housewives (naturally, with all the cat-fighting on that) and literally watches the TV screen. She is also quite fierce; doesn’t play by the rules, and likes to knock off glasses off the coffee table, breaking all the rules. That’s why, I decided that she should have her own column on Perfection Or Nothing. Because she is more luxurious, it will be the more luxe designer finds that she personally recommends.


Glam Barbie


Jewellery lovin


Nothin’ but diamonds for this cat







Distinguished Barbie


Loves looking at my latest shopping and shoes


So, in dedication to Barbie’s love of fashion and all things luxurious, here is her aforementioned (and slightly inflated $$) designer fashion picks of the week:



The Samantha Thavasa Azayle Handbag in Lavender

$678 USD, Ebay


Missoni fringe knit scarf

$168 AUD, Shopbob.com


Marc Jacobs cat shoes, Marc Jacobs $660 USD


Wildfox Monsieur dress, $108 AUD, Shopbob

cc-skye-love-sparrow-pave-ring-profileCC Skye Love Sparrow Ring, $82.50 USD, LaStyleRush


I also have to admit that though I have but one cat, I am becoming a crazy cat lady (with the urge to adopt more kittens but know in good sense that I should probably just stick to one.)

Having had to move to a small town with about 180, 000 people (small compared to the major beach city of Gold Coast, Queensland Australia with a population of 591, 471 people) suddenly because dear husband got a job offer here about 8 months ago (a month before our wedding) has been tough.

This is also a long story involving a beautiful little kitten named Ziggy, who sadly suddenly left us about 4 weeks after we bought him and left us heartbroken.

Knowing nobody outside of work; not being able to spontaneously meet friends for an afternoon coffee or movie and not being able to spontaneously slap my heels on for a night out with the girls, or see my family whenever has been harder than I thought it would. I’ve had to rely on my husband for moral support, and with that, we decided to adopt a cat to keep me company as he works more than I do.

Walking into town one day shortly after we moved here, I spotted a pet store, and knowing better (because the pets tend to be mistreated there, and inproperly bred with all health issues) went in. I saw a beautiful little black kitten, the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life. He was in a little cage with about 6 other kittens, his brothers and sisters, next to him. They were all sooo tiny, even tinier than I have seen kittens before. Craig and I, having not had a kitten for about 10 years (I adopted my cat at my parent’s house when he was a little bit older, and he was always a bigger cat anyway) didn’t realise that the size of them was disproportiante for how big they should have been at how old they were. We didn’t see a large red flag, that they were about 4 weeks old, and should have been about twice the size.

Nevertheless, after I saw that face I was gone. I had to adopt him. We took him home straight away and gave him lots of love. We named him after one of my idols, the great David Bowie; settling on his alter-ego “Ziggy Stardust.”

“Ziggy” for short.


Beautiful Ziggy, RIP until we meet again


Watching football with his Dad



He was the most affectionate kitten you have ever seen. He would never want to leave your side, and meowed non-stop the second you got up to do anything. So tiny, he would sit beneath my chin while I watched TV and cuddle up there forever. Just the gentlest, kindest kitten you have ever seen. He was truly my best friend, helping me settle in to a new place that held a lot of fear for me, fear of the unknown, of meeting people, of living far away from friends and family and on our own for the first time in our lives. He was the greatest companion ever.

Craig and I, looking back, feel horrible about how we didn’t notice he wasn’t growing much. We had him vet checked a few times, and the vets never picked anything up or told us anything, or noticed anything was wrong at all, point blank.

One morning Craig came into the room and woke me up. He was bawling his eyes out, and I was startled, wondering what had happened. He explained that Ziggy wasn’t well all of a sudden, he had gotten up early and found him in an almost vegetative state and immediately rushed to the 24 hour vets while I was asleep. He didn’t want me to see him in that state, as he knew how much I loved that little cat.

I thanked him for doing that. The fact that, in the shock of it all, he thought to not show me or get my help speaks volumes at how much of a caring, thoughtful guy he really is.

It was a nightmare morning after that, with it all seeming to go so slowly but so fast at the same time. I was still waking up, and the surreal feeling of it all just being a bad dream and not real was really real. Craig was on the phone to the vets and they were saying they had to hook him up to a life machine, but I still don’t know what really happened. I think his condition worsened so much that it wouldn’t have mattered and he was too tiny to put on the machine anyway.

The vet said he went peacefully in her arms while she was comforting him, and that’s all I needed to know.

They said his body wasn’t forming properly and that’s why he was so small. They also said he had a lot of defects, and it finally caught up with him. I still wanted him here with me, even if he was sick. But I had to think about him like my Dad said, and know that I wouldn’t want him to still be here in any pain as it would be selfish and not for the best.

It was a rough rough time of it after, and I was still in denial and shock. A lot of my friends and family understood why I was so upset, but not for so long. They said I should get another cat straight away, but I didn’t want another cat. I wanted Ziggy back. I had finally found the most affectionate and beautiful cat (my childhood cat, Richie, about 13 years old now and still alive and well was never really affectionate.) I was resentful to someone, anything, that I had to live lonely in this new city and the one thing I had found to comfort me and that I loved so much was taken away from me after only 4 weeks and so suddenly, without warning. I was mainly upset that I had such a strong bond with him, and would forever feel loss.

I got a silver paw pendant made with his ashes in it, which helped me a lot to know he was always here with me. I am more at peace with it now, and that is thanks to a bit of time as well as adopting our new kitten, a girl named Barbie. The main thing I hold on to now is the great memories of him, our strong bond and the fact that we got him out of that cage and gave him a great life before he passed. That is the main thing that gets me through.


Silver paw pendant with Ziggy’s ashes

I also set up a wall with butterflies and an illustration of him in a little bowler hat and tie, “Ziggy Stardust” cute as a button, exactly how he was.



As my above mentioned childhood cat was adopted from the animal shelter, and is still going strong, we decided to go back to the Gold Coast to give another cat a happy home and heaps of love, as that’s what Ziggy would have wanted. We saw a few cool cats, one was a big lazy male named Simba who took a liking to Craig and sat on his lap purring the whole time we sat in the kennels. Craig then pointed out Barbie, then named Marcia, sleeping in the corner (which made me think of the Brady Bunch, and I was going to keep the name.)

She came up to me straight away and out of nowhere gave me a kiss and licked my face. I knew that was a sign! She also had good signs of being playful, as she ran after 2 other kittens and played under the bed after. We knew that she would be our new baby. Such a pretty little kitten, I knew I had to upgrade her name from Marcia to the apt Barbie. (After who else but the fierce doll and also, the even fiercer Barbra Streisand.)

That was such a good decision, and I think it really is so true that animals tend to pick you instead of the other way. Ziggy picked me that day in the cage because he needed a good home and love, and to teach me lessons on life and caring for others. Barbie picked me that day as well, as she would be my new best friend in an isolated city.

She is always by my side and follows me around, just like a little dog. Although she at times can be quite naughty, she is also really affectionate and basically awesome all around.


Kitten Barbie




So the moral of the story: love your pets, and if you have the opportunity to, please adopt a pet from a local shelter and give them a chance. They will be your best friends forever.

Have you had to deal with the loss of a pet?

What helped you?

Tell us about your lost and current pets in the comments below.


 White: although it is always a staple in the wardrobe, too much white furniture for me becomes totally boring. I need colour in my life!
Looking for a new colourful dresser to introduce some boldness into my bedroom furniture, I came across designer ones online for $2000 AUD plus. Although this would be fabulous to purchase and I could totally see myself doing this in the future, for a newly married couple starting out with basic furniture and saving for a trip to Thailand later on this year; it sadly isn’t really an option at the moment.
So I bided my time, waiting to know what to do to my plain white basic dresser bought from a furniture warehouse for $150 AUD when we first moved. (Also our first time moving away from home with our own place in a different city – cue the excitement and then panic!)
Then, as I was wrapping up a baby gift of cute bibs bought for a friend with horizontal striped gender-neutral candy block colours, I came to the conclusion that I should simply glue the wrapping paper oN to make my own cost-effective candy striped dresser!
Candified results are below:
Candy dresser front view
Side view

Full-frontal candy drawers.

Full-frontal candy drawers.

Dresser accessories:

Shh Lips Ikea Painting, $40 AUD

Mirror jewellery box, $20 AUD, Target

Samantha Wills jewellery boxes, free with jewellery purchase

Harajuku Girls painting, DIY

Good fortune waving cat (I think it’s been working lately!) $20 AUD, Asian supermarket

Bird bottle and vial, $20 together, bought on a mini-honeymoon to Noosa, New South Wales Australia

Wizard of Oz postcard, vintage

Jonathan Adler, quirky and bold interior designer
who originally started as a potter and went into his calling of
designing rooms and furniture for colour lovers.
A place where I need to live.neon-jonathan-adler-3-barbie-dream-house.jpg?w=640
Yes, Jonathan Adler has designer a Barbie Dream House.
No words can describe the sheer awesomeness, right?
Yellow and grey stripe bed cover with grey backdrops
Quirky prints like this storage ottoman make standout accessories
I am in dire need of this as my dining room right now!
From New Jersey, Jonathan Adler has always boldly captivated the imagination and possibilities of a room. His “more is more” approach is something I have always been drawn to, so when I stumbled upon his book “Jonathan Adler on Happy Chic Colors in the library while rummaging for interior design ideas, I felt a kindred spirit. His rooms, although my husband thinks have “a little too much going on, you don’t know where to look” are always in my book, perfection.
He also loves a good candy stripe!
The master of prints, and mixing and matching bold colours with prints through accessories, furniture and paintings, his rooms are always unique, eclectic and definitely not for the faint of heart, or minimalist. Having a successful boutique selling accessories and furniture, Jonathan Adler is a standout interior designer. I could look at his rooms all day!
For the more high-end candy dresser look, here are the more luxe versions:

Crystal glass lamp

Circo non skid rug

Wooden dresser
$1,555 – outthereinteriors.com

Smashbox lip shine

LeSportsac zip top

Seletti Trip Weekly 7 Drawer Storage Container
$1,680 – design55online.co.uk
Any cheap DIY decorating tips?
Are you a fan of Jonathan Adler’s designs and bold, bright colours in your home?
Please leave some happy, colourful comments below!


So when I get a day off, I always go for the comfiest

casual threads my closet has to offer. I have a lot of dressier maxi dresses

even, but these tend to be not touched in favour of floral skirts, shorts and

band crop tees.

Today I grabbed my go-to grey $5 AUD studded singlet from Cotton On

Australia, and $5 AUD floral stretch skirt from Ebay.com. I decided to actually

wear the cool leopard print Supreme hat I also purchased off the

online mecca for $15 AUD, which has depressingly sat on my hat stand ever since

last summer when I decreed that with its soft leopard ways, it had to be mine. Finishing the

outfit was my lover, a vintage YSL tote and $5 AUD red jelly sandals from Rubi Shoes Australia,

which are the comfiest things you will ever own in your life (and cutest!)


Leopard supreme hat, $15 AUD, Ebay.com




Grey studded top, $5 AUD, Cotton On Australia
White floral skirt, $5 AUD, Ebay.com


YSL tote, Vintage YSL


$5 AUD red jelly sandals, Rubi


YSL = everything





Tyler the Creator


Original queen of indie, Chloe Sevingy in a Comme des Garcons x Supreme shirt


Even George Costanza!

For ideas on how mix and match to stud and floral your life check out the fashion finds below.

For ideas on how mix and match to stud and floral your life check out the fashion finds below.


River Island studded t shirt
$16 – riverisland.com

Flared skirt

Melissa ankle strap shoes
$53 – nonnon.co.uk

Tips for mixing and matching casual clothes?
Are you still a fan of spikes and florals together?
Do you always reach for more comfortable pieces on your days off?
Leave some comment love below!




  I have long been a fan of the boho, even before Rachel Zoe superimposed the look on the icons of the moment, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, and Kate Hudson circa 2005. The good news is, boho appeals to my thrifty ways as contrary to what the fashion mags of the day state, you actually don’t need to spend a lot to look like a boho/slightly hobo.
In fact, thrift stores were made for boho looks with racks and racks of vintage 70’s and boho looks from 2005 all ripe for the picking.
Ok, I confess, I have a lot of extremely similar items in my closet. I have a long white maxi dress (sleeveless of course) that I haven’t worn yet, and a strapless long white maxi dress (also still not worn.) But when I saw this hippy boho cheesecloth dress (with sleeves and lace detailing on the bust) for $6 AUD at a local lifeline the other day (in great condition with one slight little baby hole which I patched up ASAP),  I nabbed that puppy up for future relaxed Sunday boho looks.
Worn while taking a pleasant Sunday morning stroll around the local riverbank with the husband, the outfit was comfortably chic.


Teamed with a floppy brown felt hat for $20 AUD from Rubi and purple studded loafers ($15 AUD from Big W, Australia’s answer to Walmart,) and a Marc Jacobs tie dye shopper for $60 (Ebay); and a Hermes-like cuff from Sportsgirl for $5 AUD, the outfit all came together at $106 AUD.
                                  Sportsgirl Hermes-like cuff, $5 AUD
                               En route to the lovely stroll along the river
                               Nothing but blue skies, and a lot of clouds
                            Marc Jacobs tie dye shopper, $60, Ebay
Slightly ruining our pleasant stroll were these creepy, random little guys. I just had to capture the moment, I’m not sure why. To psyche myself out in the future?
This especially creepy one holding a dog also stole my bag. I guess I can’t blame him, he has good taste.
Anyways, enough of creepy Gollum-like statues. For more ideas on how to update your boho chic look, check out the fashion finds below:

MARC BY MARC JACOBS shopping bag
$49 – coggles.com

Too faced cosmetic

Pink lipstick

Are you still a fan of the boho look?
Any tips for finding/styling boho outfits on the cheap?
Please leave us some hippy love in the comments below.


I have always been a fan of Kirsten Dunst and more importantly, Kirsten Dunst’s snaggleteeth and style. I feel somehow we are like kindred spirits, as I also have one snaggletooth to the side (which I was supposed to get braces for but decided to go against as I liked it’s charm) and love everything she wears.

Whether she is in one of my childhood faves, Jumanji, an intense baby vamp in An Interview With a Vampire, mysterious Lux in The Virgin Suicides, MJ in Spiderman or on a depression journey in Melancholia, Kiki nails it every time. If I were a celebrity, I would probably aspire to Kiki’s career and style.



Contemplating the meaning of science – intelligent and stylish!


Making floral crop tops cool again in Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides (my all time fave)


Doing masuline luxe oh so well


Floral shirt + matching floral shorts = too cute


20’s style flapper headband for the Met


Street chic in a polka dot dress and trilby


Sophisticatedly sheer


Killer shades + Fruit Loops = Great combo



Prada silk blouse and Cream Chanel skirt. I swoon!


Polished to perfection

 So, I have been obsessed with this outfit ever since I saw it. But with no funds to buy the real deal Prada blouse and beautiful white Chanel skirt, I improvised with items already found in my own closet.



Red polka dot blouse, $10 AUD, Ebay.com.au

This red and white polkadot ruffle blouse gives me life. I feel so happy wearing it. At only a steal for $10 AUD from a little boutique on Ebay I can’t recall the name of years ago, I paired it with a $5 Kmart taupe maxi skirt and $10 Mustard loafers from Rubi picked up on sale a few seasons ago. All in all,  the Kiki-fied (and Zooey Deschanel-ish) outfit came to a total of $25 AUD, with the added bonus of feeling good making use of stuff I already have.


Mustard loafers, $10 AUD, Rubi.com.au




Enjoying the backyard foliage



To get yourself Kiki-fied, check out the great statement pieces below:

Polka dots a la Kirsten

Polka dot blouse

Donna karan skirt
$1,645 – harveynichols.com

Jigsaw long maxi skirt
$49 – jigsaw-online.com

Jessica Simpson nude platform pumps
$125 – debenhams.com

Prada vintage black purse

Laura mercier eye makeup

Christian Dior pink blush
$49 – johnlewis.com

Any tips for mixing/matching and updating your polka dot pieces?
What are your fave Kirsten Dunst movies and outfits?
Please leave a comment below.