I have a lot of polka dots, probably one in every colour, but there are still so many variations and other colours to be enjoyed too.

More no-spend-$$-at-all days have been introduced into my saving-more life lately. This means further digging into the closet to make use of previous items not worn at all, or worn too much. And then mixing and matching with what I already have (which kind of frequently pops up on this kind of economy-style blog.)

So anyhow, I grabbed this grey mix polka dot and floral print chiffon top bought for $5AUD on sale back in the day from a small boutique on the Gold Coast (my hometown), Queensland Australia. Oh Gold Coast, with your sunny breezy weather, great beaches, nightlife and restaurants and actually stuff to do compared to my new small-town with no restaurants/beach etc etc….


how I miss you so.




Location dreams and crises aside, I quickly mustered the acceptance that my new life is getting started in this small town to pave way for greater, bigger things in the future; and finished dressing myself. I furthermore grabbed my go-to red summer shorts, bought for $10AUD from a cheap department store called Big W here, (kind of like a cheaper Target) owned by the grocery chain Woolworths. They really have surprisingly good basics that nobody would know it ever came from there!

My new $10 AUD quilted pleather camel sneakers paired off the casual Thursday look, are so comfy and look like designer ones for a fraction of the price!



I had gone shopping with my best friend Ally, my spiritual also lover-of-pop-culture and style friend (who has a music/popculture blog you should check out here at about a year ago on the GC at one of our favourite Australian stores, Sportsgirl. The store has been going strong since the 80’s with my mum shopping there when she was younger (and she still does from time to time.) This is the it place for fashion, shoes, accessories and even beauty in Australia.

On our trip, I picked up a few sale items on their jewellery rack (Sportsgirl has THE best sale items racks, particularly the jewel part.) One of them was this cute blue and yellow with rhinestones little glam necklace, bought for $7.95AUD. I had saved it for an upcoming event but changed my mind and wore some chunkier jewels. This is the perfect piece to dress up an every-day cas outfit with a little glam though, don’t you think?


I was also so pumped 2 days ago when I received my Chanel eyeglasses frames I had ordered from London in the mail for a steal at $160 AUD! I had been waiting for Chanel frames (an update from my dark brown stoic Wayne Coopers) for a very long time and decided on these tweed purple frames with quilting and the Chanel logo on the sides. These babies will never be taken off of me.

IMG_4560IMG_4562 IMG_4564 IMG_4565 IMG_4566 IMG_4568 IMG_4567 IMG_4569

I got a bit too snap-happy. I blame the power of Chanel.

TOTAL OUTFIT COST (excluding Chanel frames) = $32.95 AUD

TOTAL OUTFIT COST (including Chanel frames) = $192.95 *Still not that bad, right???* <— What I will undoubtedly tell my husband who is not quite so into fashion, accessories and shiny things.



Cher Lloyd wearing polka dots + shorts, a winning combination of any colour and style.



Drew rocking some awesome laid-back camel sneakers. She can pull off anything.

For some more laidback polka outfit inspiration, check out the fashion finds below:



Hot pants
$24 –

High top shoes

ALPHABET BAGS white purse
$21 –

Arden B necklace

Chanel eyeglass
$500 –

Do you wear sneakers all the time?

What do you pair them with?

Do you mix them up with more feminine pieces like polka dots to take the edge off?

Any other tips for styling sneakers with an outfit?

Please leave a comment below.

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